Ren Ferguson & Joe Marinic

by Shane Ó Fearghail 


Joe Marinic & Ren Ferguson. The Masters behind the magic.

Ren Ferguson is one of those inconspicuous types. Humble to the last. Ironic it seems when you look at the career he has had to date. Ren is undoubtedly one of the most legendary guitar builders in the United States. Also with a “guitaring" background, Joe Marinic’s CV is equally as impressive. Starting out as a guitar player himslef, he became a guitar tech wizard founding Shadow Electronics. To all guitarists out there; you know where this is going.



Over decades, Shadow Electronics have built a name with their pickup systems, having played a vital role in the industry since it began in the early 1970s. Joe remains as passionate today about music as he was when, as a young teenager, he built his very first pick up. He now has a state-of-the-art guitar factory in China. Throw Gibson, Fender and Guild into the mix and you get luthier Ren Ferguson... and the partnership as they say is complete; A beautiful marriage of music and mechanics. Boasting one of the best pickup systems for acoustic guitars in the world, and now with the craftsmanship and construction to match - Shadow guitars are simply beautiful sustainable instruments that look, sound and play great!

Shadow - The Guitars

Built in the world’s most advanced guitar factory, together Joe & Ren have produced a guitar that is unparalleled. Expertly made with top of the range and up to date electronics, these guitars are within a price range all guitar players can afford.

At Shadow Guitars, efficiency and accuracy meet precise design. Their modern and innovative processes makes it possible to apply their new UV finishing so thinly and evenly that the guitars no longer need to be polished. When you know your guitars, you will know that this saves you a complete work step and of course sits easier on your wallet.

Be it Irish folk, Balkan or blues, guitarists love how this instrument feels and sounds. Warm, comfortable and new. Not long on the world stage these guitars are already casting a long shadow where ever they are played. It seems, only new to the market, the Shadow Guitar is here to stay.